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The Root Beer Federation

v. 1.14 :: Daydreamer's Blue

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The Root Beer Federation :: v 1.20 :: Daydreamer's Blue

The Root Beer Federation. Something so incidious, so irresistible ... the more you try it, the more you like it.

This community is a weekly drabble challenge community. Once a week, the moderators will provide a weekly theme (ie, rain, signs, root beer). The members will then have the rest of the week to write 100-word drabbles to the theme. We'll also take double-drabbles, triple-drabbles, and linked sets. At the end of the week, members can vote for their favourite and the winner will get a little something special from me. ~_^

Why am_100? Because rootbeerfederation would be too long. :p More specifically, am=Asian Music and 100 for the set length of a single drabble - 100 words.

Your moderators are:
Selah NemKess
We firmly believe that you get back what you put out into the world. We respect all our members and will do our level best to treat each and every one of you with the respect and courtesy you deserve. Whether it's a new rule or calling attention to an old one, politeness will be the order of the day with all Admin posts. Disrespect us, however, and we will not be happy.

1. Theme is posted every Saturday. We'll be striving for the wee hours of the morning, though it may vary a little.
2. Theme closes 10:30pm PT Friday evening. This way we have the wiggle room to deal with our icontest which also closes on Friday. ~none-too-subtle am_stillness pimping~
3. Voting lasts one whole week. To keep non-drabble posts down, poll results will be posted with the next week's poll. The winner will at least get a Bucket-o'-Nuffin and may get a little something special from us (probably in the range of an icon).
4. Drabbles are to be exactly 100 words. Yes, it can be challenging to pare down or beef up a drabble to that exact mark, but that's the point. We don't demand word counts and we're not anal enough to sit and count every one, but please do try. Pseudo-exception: We do take double and triple drabbles, but as their names imply, they should be exact multiples of 100. Doubles and triples will also be added to the weekly poll.
5. Post your drabbles as new entries. This way a) everyone will see them and b) we'll have an easier time with the poll.
6. There is NO ... #6. You knew that was coming, didn't you?
7. Sexual conduct must be cut. Yes, it's possible to write sex inside 100 words, I've even done it myself more than once. Cut-tagging non-sexual drabbles is up to the poster.
8. Multiple entries welcome! If you're feeling inspired by the week's theme, then by all means, go all out. Post them all at once or spread them out across the week. For the sake of memory-keeping, it's easier to post each drabble seperately, but if it's a linked set, then by all means, keep them together.
9. Off-topic posts will be deleted. There are plenty of other comms for discussion and file-sharing and so on. This one is to be all drabbles all the time (aside from admin posts, of course). This doesn't mean you can't post non-challenge drabbles or expired-challenge drabbles, we're all for it, in fact. But if it's not a drabble? Post it somewhere else.
10. Use the Shout Out entry. Have a pressing question? Looking to affiliate with us? Need to report someone being a monkey-butted ass? If you can't catch Selah or NemKess on IM, use the Shout Out entry and Selah will get back to you as soon as possible. If it's been 24hrs and there's no notice of vacation sitting on the journals, then you can persue other avenues of contact.
11. Use a header. At the very least, give us title, challenge (or note of non-challenge), and pairing/band(s). Optional other fields: summary, warnings, rating. And please, please, PLEASE put the title of your drabble in the subject line. Please. It makes Selah's life a lot easier.

Affiliates: (Want to affiliate with us? Contact Selah.)
Arc of the Moon at lj.com
Asian Music Stillness @ lj.com (sister comm)
4 Seasons of Love @ lj.com
Jyojyoushi @ lj.com Lunar Reverie @ lj.com

Suggest links in the Shout Out entry
Wiki.ThePPN - an online encyclopedia for all things Asian pop culture

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