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earnestinberlin [userpic]
Challenge #49- Fantasy
by earnestinberlin (earnestinberlin)
at September 29th, 2007 (07:42 pm)
this melody: S.H.E.- Superstar

Title: Picture, Memory and Dream
Theme: #49- Fantasy
Author: earnestinberlin
Characters: GacktxMana
Comment: Because these two need ♥♥, implied death.

"What is fantasy?" Mana asked. Leaning by the window, a moment perfect for a camera with the moon spilling like a spotlight.

"It is a picture, a running memory or a dream"

Like what Mana could be.

Like what Mana should be.

When Gackt pushed the knife through his chest maybe somewhere near the heart; Mana was fantasy.

A picture of perfectness bathed in the moon's milk, a beautiful red somewhere to compliment his skin.

A running memory that was all in his head, kisses and sex part of the past.

A dream, maybe even a nightmare; from where he will never wake up again.